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BC offering $850 rebate to scrap your old car and buy an e-bike

“Our government is focused on protecting the environment and working in partnership with communities to improve our walking, cycling, and other active networks,” said George Heyman, Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy. “By making it easier for people to move around our communities using active transportation, we cut down on carbon pollution and help make life better for people.” [read more]

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Draft plans for Argyle Secondary rebuild unveiled

Parents of Argyle secondary students got a look at preliminary plans for a new high school Thursday, including lots of “flexible” classroom space and a large commons area that can be opened up to become a performance or presentation space if needed. [read more]

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$50-million redesign of the Mountain Highway interchange largely complete

Basic design work and public consultation for a $50-million redesign of the Mountain Highway interchange is now largely complete, but we are still waiting to hear whether the preferred option involving a new bridge over Lynn Creek eastbound on-ramp for Lynn Valley residents will be funded. [read more]

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Council OK’s North Vancouver Mtn Hwy interchange plan

The province’s design, which has been public for almost a year, includes a five-lane Mountain Highway overpass (up from four lanes in previous iterations) with a new off-ramp from the Cut leading to Brooksbank Avenue, a new on-ramp from Mountain Highway onto the Cut northbound, controlled intersections, and AAA bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure. [read more]

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North Vancouver’s Ironworkers bridge sidewalk project complete

“I’ve been lobbying for lots of changes, not just the bridge safety issue, but also the on-ramps and off-ramps and the whole transportation infrastructure project that we got approval for earlier this year,” she said. "If we can make the cycling infrastructure safer for people, then they will be more encouraged to get on a bike and then that would obviously alleviate one extra car on the road,” [read more]

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