BC Introduces Innovative New Program to Help First-Time Homebuyers

In a move to help BC citizens and residents buy their first home, the BC government announced today that it is launching a new program to augment down payments for first-time buyers. Bottom Line: This is a bold and innovative step to help potential new buyers to meet the greatest hurdle of first-time homeownership—the down payment. [read more]

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Home Inspection 101: What Is It And How Much Does It Cost?

It is a classic example of never judging a book by its cover, and can be easily solved with a home inspection. When buyers put in an offer, there is the option to insert a home inspection clause. When you hire a professional home inspector, you can save yourself time, stress, and avoid potential financial risk by proactively identifying any issues within the inner workings of the home. [read more]

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Seven mistakes Millennials make when buying real estate

You’ve cut back on lattes, taken a soul-crushing job on Burrard Street or 2nd Street SW, and borrowed from mom and dad. Congrats! You’re ready to put down a chunk of cash to cover the 20% downpayment on a property. But don’t make newbie mistakes, like trusting your bank to look after you. “The reality is that best rates are not always offered up front,” says mortgage broker Atrina Kouroshnia, 29, of Lavarates.ca in an email. [read more]

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