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3 strategies to make selling a home in 2019 less stressful

Selling a home is stressful. It’s probably the single largest transaction you’ll make in a lifetime. Add in the fear of a downturn, a possible recession, and market uncertainty and … [read more]

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Positive equity. What are my options?!

Positive equity. What does it all mean?! If you purchased your a home in Metro Vancouver within the past 3-5 years, it's likely you're in a positive equity position. Positive equity in your home includes your original down payment at the bank as well as any 'lift' or appreciation in the property since you bought. [read more]

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Disclosure of Representation in Trading Services

As a professional Realtor, Chris Brown believes consumers should have as much information as possible as soon as possible in order to understand the relationship with their Realtor as well as the responsibilities and duties they are owed. [read more]

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REBGV Market Update: Home buyer demand stays below historical averages in August

“Home buyers have been less active in recent months and we’re beginning to see prices edge down for all housing types as a result,” Phil Moore, REBGV president said. “Buyers today have more listings to choose from and face less competition than we’ve seen in our market in recent years.” [read more]

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Canada Not Alone in House Price Mania

The dramatic rise in Canadian house prices has been making headlines almost daily. And for good reason: prices in and around the country’s hottest markets, Toronto (and until recently) Vancouver, have been posting double-digit annual gains. In May, prices in Toronto and Vancouver were up year-over-year 29% and 8.8% respectively. But Canada isn’t the only country experiencing skyrocketing home prices. [read more]

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Buying or selling a home? What you should know from CRA

If you bought your home in 2016 or plan to buy a home, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has information that may help you. [read more]

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