Market Update

Feature Video: The Future of Lynn Creek Town Centre

Lynn Creek Town Centre will be a transit-oriented, mixed use community offering a wide-range of housing options for people at all stages of life, in a unique location near employment and retail opportunities, natural amenities, and Phibbs Transit Exchange.

Building on its ideal setting near highly-valued green spaces and easy-to-access transit, the District of North Vancouver is rejuvenating the Lynn Creek Town Centre by concentrating community services and facilities at its core, supporting its light industrial and commercial areas, and strengthening the connections between neighbourhoods.

From a real estate investment perspective, the District’s plan to redevelop one of North Vancouver’s most undesirable residential areas into a mixed use community provides opportunities for capital appreciation for both current owners as well as future Buyers. With investment in new infrastructure such as roads, transit hubs and parks, the District is adding value for current and future residents. In addition, depending on market conditions, the residential and commercial development community could add additional value to the area through the construction of new homes and commercial spaces, turning what was once an undesirable area into a community ideal for residents in many stages of their lives.

There are currently a number of new home developments selling in this area with others planned to come to market in the Fall of 2015. Interested to learn more about Lynn Creek and some of the new homes in the area? Give me a call at 778-881-0673 or shoot him an email at Let’s grab a coffee and chat.

For more information on the community vision for the Lynn Creek Town Centre, please visit:

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