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Written on September 6th, 2018


Chris made the whole process of searching and buying much easier to navigate than we thought. As first time buyers we didn’t know a lot about the market or overall buying process. Chris was really supportive and informative guiding us through what had been happening in the market, key things we should be looking for and answering all questions we had. Through the search process he kept taking on board feedback on what we liked / didn’t like and would refine properties based on getting closer to what we needed. At each property he wouldshow us examples of things to look for and think about when considering different layouts or areas.

When it came down to buying and making offers, Chris always gave open and honest advice on our decisions. We sometimes had ideas that were a little left field, but rather than say no Chris took the time to walk us through the thought process so we really understood more on what we were doing and how it would work.

When we finally completed on a place it happened in a very short space of time with only a week to secure financing and complete! We relied on Chris a lot during this time and it was awesome that he made himself available for advice and to chat through some big hurdles we came up against. It was probably the most stressful week we’ve had but Chris really helped us problem solve through a lot during this period and get in contact with the right people. He stayed with us through the process right down until the final signatures to make sure we knew everything was in place – which we really appreciated.

Overall we found Chris really easy to work with, very transparent and readily available to chat, text or meet.  He was a lot of fun to work with and his emoji game is on point!

James & Ruth // North Vancouver


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