“Chris Brown helped us to navigate the difficult path of being first time home buyers in one of the most competitive real estate markets in the country, during a massive surge in home buying activity.

He lent us his time, helping us to feel comfortable with the process and understanding what we should be looking at and where. Chris made the effort to always explain to us what made a home an attractive place to own not only from a livability standpoint but also from the perspective of it being the largest asset we would own. Chris also brought his expertise of the real estate market, helping us to stay competitive as best we could in the face of situations where there were more than 10 bidders for a single property.

He negotiated with the sellers well and took a lot of time to help us understand and navigate the process of buying a home. 10/10 would absolutely recommend Chris and we will certainly pass his contact to any of our friends and family who are in the RE market in the future.”

MK – North Vancouver